Innovative solutions in Heating and air conditioning systems, Elektrics, Electronics and cabs

What we offer:
Wölfle is specialized in the fields of Heating Ventilation / Air Conditioning (HV/AC), Electrics and Electronics.
We develop, design, construct and produce customized prototypes and samples up to serial manufacturing.
However, for military applications Wölfle mainly focus on HV/AC and protective ventilation systems.

Heating Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HV/AC):
Air conditioning units and entire air conditioning systems. Design and validation services for entire refrigeration circuits, as well as solutions for optimizing air distribution in the vehicle interior.

Protective ventilation Systems:
Postprepareable protective ventilating system for driver's cabs. Applicable with several kinds of contamination.

Cable assembly:
Cable systems with optimized connections and connectivity.

  • Mobility
  • Individual equipements
  • Specific cross-functional technologies
Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation


Ms Didier Heinrich
Regional Sales Manager France
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