What we are looking for:
- potential customers
- cooperations
- further developments
- business contacts

What we offer:
CRM-EUROLIGHT® is a very light, multifunctional and resistant modular system, which is extremely flexible. The assembly and disassembly is really easy and can be carried out without a crane. The main advantage is the minimal transportation volume and the low weight. Due to the excellent thermal insulation, it is possible to use the container room modules in all climatic zones all over the world. In addition, the system is especially environmentally friendly. These container room modules can be used for example for hospital wards, laboratories, field kitchens, mobile field camps, command posts, offices and many more.

CRM-ULTRALIGHT® is a further development of the CRM-EUROLIGHT®. It is optimized regarding the transportation volume and weight. The assembly is even quicker and can be carried out manually by unfolding the packaging. All parts have a particular use.

  • Major risks
  • Crisis management
  • Civil defence
Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Katharina Mayer
Assistant of the CEO
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