Lithium-Polymer Battery system for Military applications

What we are looking for:
Reliability of batteries in military, marine and aviation is vital to its performance. Kokam’s Lithium Polymer batteries are capable of operating over a wide temperature range, which is ideal for rugged military use.

Kokam provides high-tech solution for various military applications ranging from small portable or wearable electronics to highly sophisticated machinery such as tactical vehicle, submarine and drone, ensuring that it is always prepared for the unexpected.

Kokam wants to build up strong partnership with defense industries in all around the world. However, most of all, our prime target is companies who need high-tech Lithium-Polymer Battery system for their military applications.

What we offer:
Kokam offers the best in Lithium-Polymer battery market. As the world’s first producer of large capacity Lithium-Polymer cell, Kokam has established itself firmly as one of the top battery manufacturers in highly competitive defense and military market.

We proudly provide:
- Ultra High Energy Lithium-Polymer Battery Systems for Unmanned System, Aviation and Submarine
- High C-rate Lithium-Polymer Battery systems for High-Tech Weapon including Laser gun
- Automotive Lithium-Polymer Battery Systems for Tactical Vehicles
- Compact & Light Lithium-Polymer Battery system for Combatant
- Safe & Solid Lithium-Polymer Battery system for Torpedo
- Customized Lithium-Polymer Battery system upon client’s demand

  • Mobility
  • Arms
  • Civil defence
  • Specific cross-functional technologies
Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation


Mr Sangwon Hong
Project Manager
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