What we are looking for:
Parters all around the globe.

What we offer:
TekMast is a new light-weight tactical field mast, rapid deployable in less than 20 minutes with only 2 operators. Guy ropes and antennas are attached to the mast at ground level resulting in a simultaneous lifting of the antenna as well as the tubular aluminium mast sections in one operation with a mechanical or electrical winch drive device kit.

Tekmast is built around special designed and machined aluminium alloy tube sections, 60 mm diameter by 1 meter (39.37 inch) effective length. These plug into each other with a generous overlap and can be rotationally locked by tightening a wing nut on the field base plate.

The erection gear consists of a mast guide unit on folding legs which are fitted with large feet for soft ground. Tube sections are introduced into the mast guide unit from underneath and lifted by a hand cranked winch fitted with automatic brake. A battery powered electrical drive device is available as an option. Guy collars and antenna are attached to the mast at ground level before erection which results in simultaneous lifting of antenna as well as tubular mast sections in one operation.

A unique manually operated guy control system allows a safe erection/retraction of the mast in a very simple and easy way by only 2 persons, even in windy conditions.

All the equipment is carried in a set of canvas bags. The heaviest individual bag has a weight of approx. 30 kg (65 lb). All materials and finishes are to military standards of quality. Only materials proved to be totally reliable in a military environment are used for the TekMast. Teksam proposes customised antenna attachments following request.

  • Transmissions
  • Communications
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Optronics
  • Mobility
  • Crisis management
  • Civil defence
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Kristof Berben
Sales & Business Development Manager

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