Cannon Bore Cleaning System

What we are looking for:
We are looking for the European distributor, prime contractors to the Department of Defense, manufacturers of tank or the guns of a Warship production or agencies who can make a contract with associated field.

What we offer:
Innovative Cannon Bore Cleaning System from the range 30mm to 155mm caliber as well as smoothbore tank gun. Cleaning can be performed in the field using simple procedure that does not require special training or tools. The entire process can be performed in less than 1/10 on 155mm caliber from start to finish. It is designed for simple field application with no gun disassembly required. It shows better performance, less time and less manpower than current one. It may be bundled in the Tank or the guns of a Warship production.

  • Arms
Collaboration sought:
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Jake Song
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