High precision customized springs and stamped parts

What we are looking for:
Surface treatments.

What we offer:
Compression springs: round, flat, square, rectangular wire.

Extension springs: with or without contiguous coils, standard or custom shaped loops.

Torsion springs: simple or complex spring legs.

Double-bodied springs: symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes.

Bended wire and strip: simple or complex forms for static and dynamic functions.

Leaf springs and stampings: stamped sheet of all shapes, stamped and drilled. Drawing and realization of tooling.

Assembly of mechanical, plastic or electronic parts.

Mechanized welding: assembling of prefabricated elements.

Induction Copper Coils and connectors: for low and medium voltage. Cylindrical or oblong forms, in single or multiple layers of enameled or bare copper wire, with stripped, tinned or molded ends.

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Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Anna Wellander
Account Manager

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