Gyrocopter survailance platform

What we are looking for:
Development partners and investors who are interested in a development partnership.

What we offer:
As a development company dedicated to developing special solution for the aeronautical industry in the field of LSA or UL aircrafts Trixy Aviation is more than just the manufacturer of the G4-2 Gyroplane. The unique aerodynamically properties of the G4-2 are outstanding but still konstant improvement and new safety solutions are driving the ever new progress.
By bringing new standards to the industry Trixy™ Aviation is strongly addressing support and service providing as whole new customer experience.

  • Communications
  • Surveillance
  • Mobility
  • Specific cross-functional technologies
Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Theodor Lipus
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